PALAPALS: The BiBiBi D&D Special, Part 1

Hi guys! In lieu of a Halloween special and because Brandann and Imogen are both off-their-feet busy this week and unable to record, you get to hear us play Dungeons and Dragons instead of give dubious advice for the next two weeks.

Join Imogen as she wrangles Brandann and Claire, together with special guests Baby Bi and Canada through a paladin-only one-shot of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

(quick note, re: audio quality – Brandann and Baby Bi’s mic settings were off for the first episode, but it’s largely fixed by part two, apologies!)

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Real Time Bullshit

This week Imogen’s executive dysfunction was a total bitch, apologies for the delay, but as compensation please enjoy a warm chicken sandwich of an episode, with little nodules of satan’s spite, Roomba Wars, some New Kids On The Block and portmanteaus.

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Jesus Was a Chad

Welcome to our new posting schedule! From now on you can expect episodes on Thursdays instead of Sundays, which will give you extra time to think up fascinating questions and throw us culinary conundrums. This week we go in search of trashbag diversity, discuss toilet water levels and answer the question of how many times you need to take communion in order to consume an entire Jesus.

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Textured Vegetable Protein

This week Imogen’s Return Key has stopped working so everything is nine thousand times more difficult. Also we talk about bac’n bits, not to be confused with actual bacon, hotdogs, and dolphin penises. And Claire is very sick, please send hugs, tissues and Good Omens Fanfiction.

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