Gritty Ewok Remake

The Star Wars Movie we’ve been waiting for since Caravan of Courage is probably on its way. Maybe. Rated R for … well you can probably guess. This week we dive into more discussion of Game of Thrones and maybe spoil it a wee bit but not much because we actually know very little about it. Also we discuss free bleeding and don’t google it.

Content warnings for discussion of fictional rape, menstruation and violence against Ewoks.

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Chester Cheetah Jizzing Cheese Puffs

Imogen cheated this week and took the episode title from Claire’s audio feed email (thanks Claire). Put on your Elizabethan Ruff, folks, because this is our period issue. We talk about that inconvenient tide of red that visits all us folks with uteri. Content warning for… well, you can probably guess.

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