Getting Rid of That Meringue

Does anyone else think the spelling of meringue is weird? ANY WAY. This week there is a LOT of food talk, a little bit of fandom ranting and some solid advice on how to deal with being so goddamned tired all the time. We hope you’re keeping safe and well in this weird-assed world.

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Scottish Tablet and Dusty Dildos

Today we delve into the fascinating (at least for Imogen) subject of personal hygeine, with a side trip through food service and domestic bliss. Also Claire shares her deepest darkest secret, or at least tries to.

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Please note a trigger warning in today’s episode for discussion of eating disorders.

Protest Fruit

Aaaaand we’re back! And fairly excited about it too. This week we talk about how to survive the upcoming year, we’re all experts on that since we obviously survived 2018. Also a lot of talk about summer camps vs church camps and why it’s important to know the refractory period for a nineteen year old boy.

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