The Big Five-0

Hi guys! YEP WE DID IT! WE MADE IT TO FIFTY! And true to form Imogen forgot to turn her mic on. Oh well, we’re nothing if not on brand. This week we GO TO SPACE AGAIN, because Going to Space is Bi Culture. We discuss the fact that Zeus is not a lesbian, pooping in space, cute scientists and dive into Pluto Discourse. Also Claire got a little bit drunk. REMEMBER KIDS, DON’T DRINK AND PODCAST.

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Gritty Ewok Remake

The Star Wars Movie we’ve been waiting for since Caravan of Courage is probably on its way. Maybe. Rated R for … well you can probably guess. This week we dive into more discussion of Game of Thrones and maybe spoil it a wee bit but not much because we actually know very little about it. Also we discuss free bleeding and don’t google it.

Content warnings for discussion of fictional rape, menstruation and violence against Ewoks.

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Confused Trousers

This week, Brandann, Imogen and Claire talk about the horrors of fondant, a suprisingly large amount of sport, and some guy from 17th Century England who actually has his head screwed on right.

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