Tofu Time

This week Imogen Is Jacked Up On Caffeine and wants to know where YOU put your tofu. Do not under any circumstances take any of the advice given, it’s pretty bad. Lots of discussion of food, brought to you by the best food substitute out there, ORGANEAT.

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Scottish Tablet and Dusty Dildos

Today we delve into the fascinating (at least for Imogen) subject of personal hygeine, with a side trip through food service and domestic bliss. Also Claire shares her deepest darkest secret, or at least tries to.

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Please note a trigger warning in today’s episode for discussion of eating disorders.

Protest Fruit

Aaaaand we’re back! And fairly excited about it too. This week we talk about how to survive the upcoming year, we’re all experts on that since we obviously survived 2018. Also a lot of talk about summer camps vs church camps and why it’s important to know the refractory period for a nineteen year old boy.

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Confused Trousers

This week, Brandann, Imogen and Claire talk about the horrors of fondant, a suprisingly large amount of sport, and some guy from 17th Century England who actually has his head screwed on right.

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Cat Piano

Brandann, Imogen and Claire continue with a few holiday themed questions, offer up their swords for the War on Christmas and talk about food.

Trigger warning for the end of the episode — there is some discussion of kitchen related accidents, if you’re squeamish about that sort of thing, as soon as we start talking about it skip to about two minutes before the end.

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