Run By Butterscotching

This week we have a special guest! Friend of the cast Closeted in Canada gets talked over by us a lot because we are rude old ladies. We promise next time she comes on we’ll be nicer. Also remember, kids, always ask someone you love before putting things in your mouth.

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Sorry, Jean Grey.

Oh man there’s a lot of food talk in this week’s ep, it seems like we’re entering that hungry time of year. But also we dive into Thomas The Tank Engine discourse and briefly discuss Dragon Age Taco Bell, the AU you never wanted but now desperately need.

Next week? Who knows! But if you have questions for friend of the podcast, Closeted in Canada, or any holiday themed questions, you may as well start sending them in now. More OCs would be great too, tell us about your babies! And then app them to Warden’s Vigil so we can play with y’all ;).